Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Flipping!!

Everyone that really wants to make it on the Internet and i mean really wants to make it must experiment with different business models, because some things that work for me might not work for you and the other way around. Try think of some awesome business models that you can do and test it, if you fail at it i am 100% you will have learned something from it, and then even if you don't try again you have learned somethings valuable.

Anyone can tell someone how to earn money, in theory, however you are going to have to go out and do it yourself and test each market, see what works for you and go from there. One business model i use when i have the time is creating blogs on wordpress and then selling them on ebay or flippa, i talked a bit about this in my last post but i am just adding to the point.

What i do is go to clickbank and get an awesome product to sell, than go to Google adwords tool and and find keywords for the clickbank product, buy an appealing domain based on the the keyword. (in the last lesson i mentioned selling the domain but here we are going a step further). We now build a blog for this domain in Wordpress, write about 2 or 3 articles for it. Than sell the domain and blog on Ebay for flippa for like 100 dollars!

Booom this can be done in one day if you are good enough, if you need some kind of assistance than get on over to youtube and look it up, after you get your payment transfer the domain to the customer. That is only one business model that i am now looking into, what do you guys think, pretty cool!! This was all thought to me by my affiliate teacher Jamie Lewis Internet millionare, if you guys have not check him out please do so now!!

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Example of a typical site that i am going to sell after i just created it


Friday, July 26, 2013

Domain Flipping!

This Lesson is about Domain Flipping

Now before i begin i do not actually do this but i have being thought by my affiliate manager and now i want to pass on the information to my readers so we can learn and do this together. For anyone that does not know what domain flipping is it is simply buying and selling domain names. The domain on websites is the www.example.com, these domain names are extremely important for websites and therefore have very significant value.

There are a few ways you can do this but i am only going to show you the way that i know best, bare in mind that i have not working out all the details that is why in this post i am hoping some of my readers can teach me and the rest of my readers. Okay what i am going to do is use four sites to help me do this with a profit, they are, the Google Adwords tool, Go Daddy, Valuate, and finally Flippa. These carry equal importance so do not think for a second that you don't need one or two of the sites mentioned.

What we do first is go over to the Google Adwords tool and pick a keyword or phrase, type it in and look at all of the results. The results will show how much times people worldwide and in your home country have searched for that keyword, it will also show the competition. Pick one that has high searches with little as possible competition, and also try pick one less then three words so the domain name will be nice and short, once you picked the right one bring it over to Go daddy.

Go daddy is probably the best place to go to when buying and selling domain names. Okay so what we need to do now is check its availability by pasting it in the search bar, this is the most time consuming part because there is a hell of a lot of demand for domain names. You will however be given suggestions similar domain names so have a look through them. If you find a good one, like if it is similar to the initial domain, and if it is three words, and if it ends in .com, others like .biz or .org is pretty good too.

Now that you have good a good domain name you are going to want too see how much it is worth, (the price will be clearly stated on go daddy but we do this next step to see its potential value) so we go over to valuate.com and type in the domain name. If the domain name is valued higher then the price initially asked then there could be profit made from this domain name.

The last step is selling it and this is where Flippa comes in, this site used by man to sell and buy websites and domain names, its the most popular i think and will sell them quicker and this is what we are looking for right? You may have bought the domain from Go daddy for about 10-12 dollars but you want to sell at the value Evaluate mentioned  so you can make a profit! The last thing i want to say is that the method explained is for a profit of only a few dollars, but if you can master it then you can do it in greater quantity and get ore money, also you can add value to the domain names by creating a blog with it. Drive traffic to the blog and earn money with it, this will dramatically increase the value of the domain name.

So guys that is it in a nut shell, if you have suggestions or questions or comments then please comment, don't be shy.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Where Everyone Should Start Off!!

Hey Readers,

When i first started looking on the Internet and subscribing to every little thing just to get more and more information on how to earn money in the Internet i got a lot of advice, however i always found it difficult to actually be able to do it, did this ever happy you? I mean you can be told in theory how to make money like create a website and put your affiliate link to it, sounds good right? But in the back of my mind i was always thinking how the hell do i create a website, i am always bombarded with people saying that they will create my website for free.

However it will still cost a pretty penny because domain names (usually pretty cheap) and hosting (Usually pretty expensive), therefore you are going to have to have pretty deep pockets as it may cost a couple hundred dollars to get up and running. I am not saying for a second that you should not do this but only do it if you are willing to invest with more than pocket change, i know i do not have that kind of money so therefore i look for more standard ways.

Each time someone asks Jamie Lewis (Internet Marketing Teacher) how do you make money, 9 time out of 10 he will ask you want you are good at. What you have to do is sell your knowledge on the Internet. If you have knowledge in computing or a very tech kind of person than create somethings that people will buy. Look for a market that is not exploited, this raises the question of how the hell do i do that? Right?.

Go on to Google AdWords and type in a keyword, when you click "Go" or "Submit" or whatever you will see how much times people type in that same key word. Why is this information useful? Lets say you wanted to do something on dog walking so you type in "Dog walking" and you see that a lot of people search for it and the competition is pretty small! That is an indication that their could be an opportunity in that market!

Do it on something that you are good at however, you want to have a lot of knowledge on the topic you want to sell, so find at what you are good at first and then see if their is a niche for it. If you are really good on the topic then i would advice you to go ahead with it because people will pay you for advice or service or how ever you choose to sell it.

If you are not really good at computers or tech minded why not simply write an Ebook, if you don't know where to start or how to start look it up on Youtube or Google, and that goes for every question that you may have. You wont spend too long doing the Ebook because you wont have to do much research because you are already good at the topic, sell if off for like $2 on PayPal then if only 10 people buy it than you make $20, the opportunity is out there guys, we have to grab it with both hands, hop on the Internet train and lets make some money together!! Please comment and let me know what you think!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can You Make Money on Youtube?

Hey Money Makers

I hope my blog post are giving you ideas on how to make some good money, every good idea has to be backed up with hard work. Be under no illusion that you can make a quick buck on the Internet, one of the main motives for me earning money on the Internet is that their is no jobs out there. I live in Ireland and the unemployment rate is not far off 14%, however this is not going to stop me from coming up with new and original ideas to earning money. I would love to look back to these days to where it all started, by then i hope to have achieved something with the amount of hours i dedicated.

Like i said i get all my ideas from Jamie Lewis the Internet millionaire, he does a webinar with his clients every Tuesday and Thursday, this is where i get all my ideas from. He actually shows you how to do it too which is awesome, i have far too much projects i am involved in so i cant keep track of all of his teachings but if you want to sign up with him click the "Jamie Lewis" link i have on the side bar.

One of the cool things he was talking about on the Thursday class was making money on Youtube, personally i never really thought that you could, but in fact their are many ways you can earn the big bucks on Youtube. If you are really into fitness for example, why not video yourself training using correct technique for different exercises, this could get great traffic to your Youtube channel. With great traffic means great opportunities, you could place your affiliate link for your readers to click and check out, if they buy then you are in the money! Better yet if you have your own Ebook on the topic you could sell it. Even for like 2 dollars, if your getting good traffic then it could all add up. Again this is just one cool way, let me know if you want me to post others ideas. Hope this help guys!!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ever Try Drop Shipping????

Another Idea to Earning Cash!!!!

To earn money online we have to put our heads together, to see what kind of ideas we can generate in order to make a few dollars. Like i said before it is just the obstacle of earning your first dollar and then simply scaling up, for more profits. A great idea i think is drop shipping, this methods does however require having a website, i am not to sure if a blog will do. However the concept of drop shipping is that you advertise other peoples products on your site, but you post the price higher so when you make a sale the customer gives you the money and you pay off the merchant.

For example, i display Nike runners on my site, Nike told me the price that they accept is $45, but you post the price at $60. That way when you make a sale you receive $60, you notify Nike that you made a sale and you post $45 dollars to Nike and have them ship the runners to the customers billing address. The customer will provide all the information to you, for you to pass on to the merchant, thus you profit $15 in the process, see how easy that can be?

Bare in mind that there is work to this, like getting a website up and running and getting traffic to it. I am not sure if you can do this method with a blog, if anyone has experience using this method then i would love to hear from you. Remember though, if you do decide to use this technique that you do not put the price to much higher then the original. Big corporations take a lot into consideration when placing prices on goods like, demand, supply, quality etc. So do not get greedy with it, but work hard at it, remember put in the effort and it will pay off. This is a common and legit method to earning money, so do not miss out.

Talk soon guys.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Working the Stock Market!!

Hey Readers

Let me tell you what i do day to day and having good success with it. Placing trades on currencies, stocks indices and more. Now you may be thinking i don't know anything about the stock market, i did not either about a month ago, working with Redwood binary options really paid off. I was trained on how to read graphs which will tell you if the currency or whatever is going to go up or down. As soon as i sighed up for an account (Before i put any money into it) i got a call from my account manager.

The service is excellent and call you right a way if you need assistance, but i didn't deposit money because i was sweet talked. I wanted to make money, like all you guys do before investing money you questions, about anything, in the world of business their is no such thing as a stupid question. The big question was if i go by the training and apply it to placing trades what will be my success rate, i was told i should win 3/4. I couldn't believe it, but i do now.

Let me get this straight i am no gambler, i don't know anyone who are currently beating the bookies and i don't think i ever will. I heard many stories of people winning $1,000 on a horse or whatever, i always question weather they are actually beating the bookies overall. Binary Options is not gambling, you are given trades to place that the top analysis highly recommend. They teach you how to do it like i said, their is also live help so you dont have to wait for or send emails. So go ahead and sign up to it, i would never direct my readers to something that i don't have confidence in.

Sign up for an account and you should receive a phone call to discuss your plans, its worth signing up and just looking right?

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Common Methods in Generating an Income Source!!

Do i Need A Website to Make Money?

The answer to that question would be NO, however it does greatly improve your chances in earning money. It is far easier to write blogs but even then it is not impossible to make some extra cash on the internet. You could easily head over to the major market places, get a product that you want to promote and then post it on the internet. There are many free directory's you can check out, you can post your affiliate link on the social media etc.

Also you could download a free software called comment kahuna, that allows you to comment on several blogs and give you the opportunity to leave your affiliate link in the comment. The same comment will be left in each blog so keep your comment very broad, i personally made a few sales using this technique. I think that if money is a problem then i would consider looking into blog writing, either on Google blogger or wordpress. Both i believe are free (I know i didn't pay a penny to do this blog). You can attach your affiliate links, text banners, text links you name it.

That way when your promoting a link, it can be your blog which will contain several sources of income, when someone comes on your page, gets redirected then you have a change to make money. If they click on a Adsense add then you will make money. The major market places would be ClickBank, Paydotcom, and commission junction. Personally i have had a lot of success with Paydotcom, its also free,however each will work just fine. So what are you waiting for, head on down there right now, get your affiliate link, create your blog attach it and promote your blog all over the internet. Together we are going to make some money, what do you say??