Monday, July 8, 2013

Income Sources

Hi all,

I want to talk about things that i am currently doing right now, one of my personal projects that i spend hours a day in a attempt to earn some cash. I am creating many blogs right now and like i said on my first post i am also doing article writing. The fact is the more and more sites are coming on to the Internet and therefore fresh content is becoming more scarce and therefore more valuable, this could be a great income source for all you guys.

Now i know what you are thinking, i do not know how to write articles and i have no experience. I didn't have experience two weeks ago and now i am able to create fresh content in a matter of 10 minutes. This information is extremely important to you as i am going to show you the company that thought me, work-at-home Web Colleagues. They provide you with information on how to create article content in a matter of of minutes, which is amazing. The program is extremely detailed because their is nothing basic about earning money, but this is an excellent guideline.

Think of it like this, to start of you might get paid $5 an article, you can do one article in ten minutes, that means you can earn 30 dollars an hours (starting of). Later on you can up your prices as the demand is so huge that publishing companies will pay nearly anything to have you as a writer.I personally do articles faster because i use a highly versatile software named Instant Article Software, which enables me to create articles in under 10 minutes. I highly recommend Web Colleagues as they showed me 4 different sources of income, blog writing, getting my blog hooked up to Google AdSense(they pay me for me to display their adds on my blog) article writing as i mentioned and getting them on the major search engines.

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