Friday, July 5, 2013

Lets Get Started

Hey Everybody,

Starting off trying to earn money on the internet can be a struggle to say the least since we are always being showed different way to do it and trying to find the right path and so on. I think its pretty healthy for us to make a few mistakes at first, even if its costs a little bit of money, i have spend hundreds of dollars on the internet and believe me i have learned my lessons. That is my motive here to let all my readers know where not to go and give you my suggestions and i encourage you all to interact with me in the comments. 

I spent hours on the internet always looking up "How to Make Money Online" and i kept getting people or adverts saying that they can make me incredible money, ever wondered how you can tell a phony or a legit internet marketer? I did two things, first i would look around and see their sales pitch and look at the comments below and see what people are saying about this person, the second thing i do is type their name into Google or youtube to see if they come up at all. Everything i have ever learned from internet marketing is from the guy i started out with, he goes by the name of Jamie Lewis, i applied my technique and searched his name and BAM there he was first page, ill say it again JAMIE LEWIS. 

This guy is the master of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is promoting peoples products online and when a sale is made you get a percentage of it, usually from 50-75%. What you do is get their link and add your ID to it (Very Easy, you can ask me for more detail) and get some recognition for each sale. Just place it around the internet and get paid. I highly encourage all my visitors to check him out, their is a hell of a lot of people out their claiming to be a huge hit that are phony's, but not Jamie, like i said he thought me everything i know, things i will be sharing with you guys in my additional posts. For now check him out below.

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