Friday, July 26, 2013

Domain Flipping!

This Lesson is about Domain Flipping

Now before i begin i do not actually do this but i have being thought by my affiliate manager and now i want to pass on the information to my readers so we can learn and do this together. For anyone that does not know what domain flipping is it is simply buying and selling domain names. The domain on websites is the, these domain names are extremely important for websites and therefore have very significant value.

There are a few ways you can do this but i am only going to show you the way that i know best, bare in mind that i have not working out all the details that is why in this post i am hoping some of my readers can teach me and the rest of my readers. Okay what i am going to do is use four sites to help me do this with a profit, they are, the Google Adwords tool, Go Daddy, Valuate, and finally Flippa. These carry equal importance so do not think for a second that you don't need one or two of the sites mentioned.

What we do first is go over to the Google Adwords tool and pick a keyword or phrase, type it in and look at all of the results. The results will show how much times people worldwide and in your home country have searched for that keyword, it will also show the competition. Pick one that has high searches with little as possible competition, and also try pick one less then three words so the domain name will be nice and short, once you picked the right one bring it over to Go daddy.

Go daddy is probably the best place to go to when buying and selling domain names. Okay so what we need to do now is check its availability by pasting it in the search bar, this is the most time consuming part because there is a hell of a lot of demand for domain names. You will however be given suggestions similar domain names so have a look through them. If you find a good one, like if it is similar to the initial domain, and if it is three words, and if it ends in .com, others like .biz or .org is pretty good too.

Now that you have good a good domain name you are going to want too see how much it is worth, (the price will be clearly stated on go daddy but we do this next step to see its potential value) so we go over to and type in the domain name. If the domain name is valued higher then the price initially asked then there could be profit made from this domain name.

The last step is selling it and this is where Flippa comes in, this site used by man to sell and buy websites and domain names, its the most popular i think and will sell them quicker and this is what we are looking for right? You may have bought the domain from Go daddy for about 10-12 dollars but you want to sell at the value Evaluate mentioned  so you can make a profit! The last thing i want to say is that the method explained is for a profit of only a few dollars, but if you can master it then you can do it in greater quantity and get ore money, also you can add value to the domain names by creating a blog with it. Drive traffic to the blog and earn money with it, this will dramatically increase the value of the domain name.

So guys that is it in a nut shell, if you have suggestions or questions or comments then please comment, don't be shy.

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