Friday, July 19, 2013

Where Everyone Should Start Off!!

Hey Readers,

When i first started looking on the Internet and subscribing to every little thing just to get more and more information on how to earn money in the Internet i got a lot of advice, however i always found it difficult to actually be able to do it, did this ever happy you? I mean you can be told in theory how to make money like create a website and put your affiliate link to it, sounds good right? But in the back of my mind i was always thinking how the hell do i create a website, i am always bombarded with people saying that they will create my website for free.

However it will still cost a pretty penny because domain names (usually pretty cheap) and hosting (Usually pretty expensive), therefore you are going to have to have pretty deep pockets as it may cost a couple hundred dollars to get up and running. I am not saying for a second that you should not do this but only do it if you are willing to invest with more than pocket change, i know i do not have that kind of money so therefore i look for more standard ways.

Each time someone asks Jamie Lewis (Internet Marketing Teacher) how do you make money, 9 time out of 10 he will ask you want you are good at. What you have to do is sell your knowledge on the Internet. If you have knowledge in computing or a very tech kind of person than create somethings that people will buy. Look for a market that is not exploited, this raises the question of how the hell do i do that? Right?.

Go on to Google AdWords and type in a keyword, when you click "Go" or "Submit" or whatever you will see how much times people type in that same key word. Why is this information useful? Lets say you wanted to do something on dog walking so you type in "Dog walking" and you see that a lot of people search for it and the competition is pretty small! That is an indication that their could be an opportunity in that market!

Do it on something that you are good at however, you want to have a lot of knowledge on the topic you want to sell, so find at what you are good at first and then see if their is a niche for it. If you are really good on the topic then i would advice you to go ahead with it because people will pay you for advice or service or how ever you choose to sell it.

If you are not really good at computers or tech minded why not simply write an Ebook, if you don't know where to start or how to start look it up on Youtube or Google, and that goes for every question that you may have. You wont spend too long doing the Ebook because you wont have to do much research because you are already good at the topic, sell if off for like $2 on PayPal then if only 10 people buy it than you make $20, the opportunity is out there guys, we have to grab it with both hands, hop on the Internet train and lets make some money together!! Please comment and let me know what you think!!

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