Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can You Make Money on Youtube?

Hey Money Makers

I hope my blog post are giving you ideas on how to make some good money, every good idea has to be backed up with hard work. Be under no illusion that you can make a quick buck on the Internet, one of the main motives for me earning money on the Internet is that their is no jobs out there. I live in Ireland and the unemployment rate is not far off 14%, however this is not going to stop me from coming up with new and original ideas to earning money. I would love to look back to these days to where it all started, by then i hope to have achieved something with the amount of hours i dedicated.

Like i said i get all my ideas from Jamie Lewis the Internet millionaire, he does a webinar with his clients every Tuesday and Thursday, this is where i get all my ideas from. He actually shows you how to do it too which is awesome, i have far too much projects i am involved in so i cant keep track of all of his teachings but if you want to sign up with him click the "Jamie Lewis" link i have on the side bar.

One of the cool things he was talking about on the Thursday class was making money on Youtube, personally i never really thought that you could, but in fact their are many ways you can earn the big bucks on Youtube. If you are really into fitness for example, why not video yourself training using correct technique for different exercises, this could get great traffic to your Youtube channel. With great traffic means great opportunities, you could place your affiliate link for your readers to click and check out, if they buy then you are in the money! Better yet if you have your own Ebook on the topic you could sell it. Even for like 2 dollars, if your getting good traffic then it could all add up. Again this is just one cool way, let me know if you want me to post others ideas. Hope this help guys!!!!

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