Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ever Try Drop Shipping????

Another Idea to Earning Cash!!!!

To earn money online we have to put our heads together, to see what kind of ideas we can generate in order to make a few dollars. Like i said before it is just the obstacle of earning your first dollar and then simply scaling up, for more profits. A great idea i think is drop shipping, this methods does however require having a website, i am not to sure if a blog will do. However the concept of drop shipping is that you advertise other peoples products on your site, but you post the price higher so when you make a sale the customer gives you the money and you pay off the merchant.

For example, i display Nike runners on my site, Nike told me the price that they accept is $45, but you post the price at $60. That way when you make a sale you receive $60, you notify Nike that you made a sale and you post $45 dollars to Nike and have them ship the runners to the customers billing address. The customer will provide all the information to you, for you to pass on to the merchant, thus you profit $15 in the process, see how easy that can be?

Bare in mind that there is work to this, like getting a website up and running and getting traffic to it. I am not sure if you can do this method with a blog, if anyone has experience using this method then i would love to hear from you. Remember though, if you do decide to use this technique that you do not put the price to much higher then the original. Big corporations take a lot into consideration when placing prices on goods like, demand, supply, quality etc. So do not get greedy with it, but work hard at it, remember put in the effort and it will pay off. This is a common and legit method to earning money, so do not miss out.

Talk soon guys.

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